Program Highlights:

* 30% commission on paid subscriptions
* $3 bounty on valid membership registrations
* Commission duration 30 Days

PitGuru Premium - offering 30% Affiliate payouts with long term residual and $3 up front Registrant Commission!
PitGuru Premium is Futures Press' flagship service offering floor traders that provide real time SMS text message and email trade alerts (20+ new trades per month covering 5 market sectors) utilizing futures, options and spreads to create a diverse trading approach appealing to wide-ranging levels of risk aversion, trade activity, account sizes and sector-specific interests. With 3 subscription options, customers can choose the payment plan that is right for them. A free in-depth weekly report, daily audio market commentaries, regular blogs and social networking integration all help bridge the gap between prospect and subscriber. This combination of free and premium services allow Affiliates to bring prospective buyers to the PitGuru website and develop the prospect's interest with free content and our email drip campaigns, and then get paid a residual revenue stream when they subscribe. A $3 commission for a valid registrant and 30% residual commission on subscription sales gives affiliates two ways to make money! Regular TV and radio media exposure further establishes the Guru's credibility and visibility. Free book and calendar giveaways add to the introductory pricing structure to incentivize prospects to subscribe. Affiliates are provided email marketing pieces, banner ads, a weekly report and additional tools for converting prospective subscribers. In addition, Affiliates are assigned an Affiliate Manager for personal assistance with this program.


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