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    Expedia program for Travel Agents -- is this a real affiliate program?
    Here's an interesting article I came across this article on Eye for Travel:

    Interesting because, as per the commissions, it seems like a standard affiliate program. But then there's a $50 sign up fee. What's that about?

    Maybe Expedia is trying a performance solution for actual travel agents who don't realize affiliates typically participate with no sign up cost.

    Either way, if you're interested in this program, the article says the fee is waived if you sign up by the end of June.

    Does anyone know what Expedia's plan is with this new program or why there is a sign up fee?

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    This program should not be confused with their affiliate marketing program, which is on CJ.

    The Travel Agency Affiliate Program (TAAP) is designed for agents that book on behalf of heir customers:

    The program is open to travel agents in the US. We’ll be accepting any one of the following:
    • IATA (IATAN)
    • ARC
    • CLIA
    • Other (requires all four of the below):
      1. A letter of request on your own agency’s letterhead declaring why you are seeking this direct relationship.
      2. Copies of your state or local business licenses.
      3. Your federal employer ID number.
      4. Proof of errors and omissions insurance.
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    Yep - two different programs. I was about to receive IATAN designation several years ago - but decided I did not want the bother (and liability) of dealing with OPM (Other People's Money).
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