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    January 17th, 2005
    Got another of those silly PayPal emails to 'fill in my details' - I thought here we go again - the second this week. Right clicked checked the <a href> and cut off the ending to see whoose server was being abused / hijacked so I could email the webmaster.

    Now the amazing bit - the index directory option had not been disabled in Apache - so I could see the various files - including the text file generated by the fraud form. Opened it and there were the details of many cardholders - maiden names and PIN nos included.

    Glad to see a good many had used the surname scumbag, but there did seem a legitimate number with full details. I have passed the site details to abuse at PayPal.


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    January 17th, 2005
    Wow, just for curiosity, could you give us some aproximate numbers on how may people filled it, and your estimates on legitimate data?

    Are we taling about 100's? 1000's? 10000's?
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    I got one of those today, very well done except for a typo or two. Tried to forward it and its header to but it bounced.

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    January 17th, 2005
    It is still live - and many more names have been added - the number of people claiming to be George Bush has increased but I would say 1 in 6 look legit. Estimate 275 so far. Site also has IP and Browser details on separate text file, the number there is in the 1,000s.

    When I first monitored the directory listing the text file size was 75k it is now 219k. I reckon the site has only gone up in the last 6 hours or so.

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    You need to forward it to
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