Hi all,

I've been trying to optimize one of my sites properly in google and have been reading a bit about broad, exact, and phrase matching. I have a general understanding of them, but think I am missing a few points. My goal is to determine approximately how many searches are generated per month for the keyword set i've chosen.

Let's say I chose a set "big round green widgets". I want to (if possible) find an accurate number of searches for the following terms:

round green widgets
big green widgets
round green big widgets

Is this a broad search? As far as I know a broad search would also include searches for "round", "green", "widgets", "green widgets", "big widgets", etc. The problem is I don't want to include those searches as I find they are to generic.

Would my best bet to be to perform multiple exact searches for the following terms, add the number together to give me a good starting point?

big round green widgets
round big green widgets
green widgets big round
round widgets big green