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I second you mlander but who is "you"? What is this "you" referring to? Networks .. merchants .. affiliate managers .. affiliates .. lawyers .. associations .. government .. cops .. who exactly?

Read Markvelch's post and you would have a better idea of how to raise voice. Hope that helps ..

I disagree with Markvelch's post, somewhat. The existence or systematic unethical exploitation of Freecause is a major problem, which of course, is added by merchants accepting FreeCause into their affiliate programs.

What really triggers migraines, is not that it systematically robs other people's profits but that it claims to be some sort of "charitable organization" that does good things, when really 80% goes into the FC's pockets and the rest is being donated to whatever organization.
Does anyone know how much Rakuten paid for FC ?

Isn't it ironic that FC gets awards for its wrongdoings ?

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