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    Question Help With Coupon Datafeeds
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this site and to affiliate marketing, so please bear with me. I'm not experienced with data feeds and exactly how to use them.

    I recently started a Mom based coupon/savings website hosted with mia shops. What I'm trying to do, is to have coupons/sales from affiliate companies listed on my site. I would love to have a data feed to my site that would update the sales and delete the old sales/coupons for me so that I would not have to do this manually, as I know it would take an enormous amount of time.

    I have a couple of questions....

    First..wondering if I should switch to a wordpress blog? I would have the girl that designed my website use the same theme for wordpress, which would cost me a little bit, but I'm wondering if the plug ins that they offer are worth it. It seems that a lot of the sites that I see that are similar to what I'm looking to do, are wordpress blogs. I've also come across some companies that offer these kind of services for blogs and not websites such as WP Coupons and a few others.

    I have also signed up with Golden Can but don't feel like the stores that they have will work the best with the site. I wanted to sign up with datafeedfile, but heard that they weren't the greatest.

    I am so excited to finish this site but am really confused as to which route to go. It seems like the more I research, the more confused I get.

    Any advice on which way to go vs. website or any companies that are not too costly that you could recommend for the data feeds would be greatly appreciated. I've seen some that are $300-$400 per month. While I hope one day to be able to afford that, right now it is not an option. I also was looking at datafeedr...any info on them?

    Thanks so much,

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    Hi Melissa,

    I think wordpress is a great platform for beginners to start out with. It is easy to use and there are thousands of free plugins to use to enhance your site. Using Wordpress as CMS (normal website) then a blog is very common. Not sure how much you are being charged to have your old site converted to a wordpress theme but it shouldn't be much at all. This is a very easy thing to do if you are experienced with coding. I wouldn't spend more than $25. You can find some programmers to do it for less online using services like scriptlance, getacoder, elance, ect.

    GoldenCan is great but not for everyone. They do a good job for the stores they have though.

    There are a lot of different routes to take and it can be confusing. You come to the right place for guidance and help. ABW is a great community.

    As far as datafeeds go, they can be expensive. Not sure what your budget is but good coupon feeds are in the $xxx-$x,xxx month range.
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