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    I'm a newbie affiliate learning the ropes. I want to know from other experienced what do I do to avoid losing sales when a possible customers signs up for the affiliates newsletters? If I pointed the traffic to my landing page, and then to the sales page of the affiliate; and the customers doesn't buy right then.

    The affiliate is going to continue sending newsletters to my traffic, and within that newsletter is a link back to the product without my affiliate code.

    How do you prevent that?

    Thanks for answering.

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    You are the affiliate, the companies you are promoting are the "merchant". You need to test and see if the merchant newsletter overwrites your affiliate cookie. It might not. Good merchants won't. Then when the merchant sends newsletters to follow up and your visitor that you sent them buys later, if there is a reasonable cookie set you should still get credit for the sale.

    These are things you have to check with each merchant you promote. Not all merchants do things the same way.
    Deborah Carney

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    Like loxly said, its on a merchant per merchant basis. You could always test it yourself. Sign up for the merchants newsletter and see if it overwrites your tracking cookie.
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