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    Hey guys. I have been doing some extensive research in the past few weeks with regards to my new niche affiliate business.

    I am obviously not going to give all the information out to you but I have a basic idea, which is:

    Join a number of affiliate programmes which markets the niche product I am trying to sell (I have already checked and there are a few reputable ones).

    Not only have I chosen a niche, but I have chosen 3 sub niches within that niche.

    I am stalling on one thing to begin with. I am debating whether to make a basic site with three pages, each one giving a detailed description of the sites I am affiliated with, according to each sub niche. This will be updated when I either become an affiliate with another site or I end my relationship with one. This will be my main site and the majority of my optimisation strategy will attempt to link to this.

    As well as this, I am planning on creating 3 blogs based on each sub niche within my market, where I will release content regularly, and also have backlinks into my main site, as well as occasional product reviews based on my affiliate's best products.

    I am already set on the second step, but with the first, I am not sure if I should go ahead with this plan, or also make it a blog site. If the information is hardly going to be changed, I don't see a point.

    It just seems that nowadays everybody just creates a blog instead of a basic site.

    I am also not accustomed to wordpress yet, so I need to learn how to do install wordpress. I am pretty useless at SQL and PHP, meaning I don't know the first thing about it. Is it possible for me to create a wordpress blog without this knowledge.

    Any help relating to this would be much obliged, as I have set the date to buy my domains and get the sites up and running for next week.



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    Hi Dan,
    Welcome to affiliate marketing, it sounds like you are definitely off to a good start. These days, I think the term "blog" is used very loosely. Just because you use Wordpress does not make you a blogger. While I believe WP was created specifically for bloggers (is that right?), the themes today are so flexible, that you can build stores, galleries, coupon sites, etc.

    Installing WP is pretty simple, I've done both auto-installs and manual installs and have never had any issues, and I certainly am a rookie when it comes to SQL and PHP. Just follow the instructions for your provider step-by-step and I'm sure you'll be fine. Some providers, like GoDaddy, have it setup so all you need to do is click a button and WP gets installed on your domain.

    There are tons of smart affiliates out there on ABW, and I'm sure many of them started exactly where you're starting now. Best of luck, and I look forward to working with you someday!
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I think I am going to start a wordpress blog, so am spending this week learning a little bit about it.

    I am going to have a good look at some of these threads, they look very informative.


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    Good luck getting started Dan, it really doesn't take a lot of expertise to install WordPress on your domain. Any host using ControlPanel usually offers the one button install and step by step instructions. There are several threads here to read that give you a good idea of how things work once you get past that step.

    One thing that can help in your reading is to use the right terminology. When you are planning to promote a merchant's products, you are the affiliate of the merchant. When you refer to your merchants as your affiliates it can confuse people.

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    WordPress is great for anyone just starting out. It simple to use and makes your life much easier and less complicated!! Did you have any trouble Dan? I hope you plan worked out well and business is picking up

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