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    Anyone using cloud hosting?
    Any recommendations on which cloud hosting provider is a quality solution?

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    Some of this depends on what you are looking to do. Generally I only considered Rackspace Cloud and Amazon. I use each of them for a different purpose:

    Amazon Cloud (EC2) pros:
    - More mature, has much more infrastructure to support cloud applications including a queue (SQS), simple database (SDB), storage (S3), content delivery network (CloudFront), and there is also support for managed MySQL , persistent storage (EBS) etc.
    - If you are using the CDN, Amazon allows you to modify the CNAME of the image / resource urls in the CDN so you can have http://media.yoursite.cominstead of http://s3.amazonaws...

    Amazon Cloud cons:
    - It is more expensive than rackspace
    - It does not support persistent storage by default. When your instance goes down, your disk is lost. You can work around this by using the EBS or saving state to S3 if you need to.
    - All the choices can be confusing (yes this is a pro and con )

    Rackspace Cloud pros:
    - It is cheaper
    - It supports persistent storage across restarts so you can treat it just like a VM (Similar to SliceHost which was acquired by Rackspace and is excellent btw)

    Rackspace Cloud cons:
    - There is no CNAME support for their CDN (Cloud Files). They say its coming but if you need a CDN for me this is the main reason I chose Amazon Cloud Front over Rackspace for my CDN

    In summary, if you need all the infrastructure that Amazon provides, or you need CNAME support for a CDN Amazon is a good choice.

    If you need persistent storage across restarts (easily and cheaply) and don't care about CNAME support go with Rackspace.

    If you are just running one machine you can always start at any host of choice with your flavor of distro and move to the cloud as need demands.

    I use Rackspace to host my site, but I use Amazon for the backend processing of feeds and images etc and for its CDN.

    Good luck,
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