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    Migrating Content from Static Pages to WordPress
    I'm just griping because I'm getting fidgety after spending the past few hours on a very mundane task, and I recognize that I'll need to spend several dozen more hours to complete it.

    I made the decision recently to migrate most of the static "articles" from my namesake web site ( to my blog site (

    The biggest task today was migrating my "free affiliate-program advice for merchants" from static pages over to the blog; I updated the link in my signature, and if you've bookmarked or posted links to any of the old pages, they should redirect to the same exact article on the blog site.

    Yes, I know my content will lose PageRank (and will likely impact Google's perception of the "age" of the content, even though I've tagged each blog entry/article with the date it was originally written). And it is definitely a PITA to manually cut and paste content and then set up a redirect (for every static page) so they point to the correct blog entry.

    But once I'm done, I'll finally be able to make site-wide changes that actually affect my entire web site (without needing to manually edit a bunch of files that are five, ten, or even fifteen years old, dating back through and beyond several earlier content-management strategies I used). And I'm also inviting comments on the old articles (for example, I hope some folks might inform me of the new location of the many links within these articles which come up '404 not found' or worse).

    Every time I do a "site-wide update," I'm surprised to see how many hundreds of articles I've posted on my site over the years. Many of the older articles are deleted with redirects to my home page (most of these are articles about companies that are long defunct). (I'm actually considering "restoring" a few of those older articles, from backup CDs.)

    I'm also surprised to see that my earlier migration of my "perspectives" content (the "opinion & commentary" essays which I first moved over to the blog) wasn't quite complete, as I hadn't replaced some of the static pages with redirects to the corresponding blog pages (I assume Google's algorithms probably pounded those pages with "duplicate content" penalties).

    Lots and lots of work, most of it very mundane, but it's also a trip down memory lane. And ultimately, this work should make my life much simpler in future years, if I ever seek to profit from this content. It's ironic that after 15 years mostly making a living from internet advertising, affiliate programs, and Google PPC Search, there are currently no ads anywhere on my site!
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    I don't know how you're doing this, Mark, but your post reminded me that I've seen info on other forums -- I don't THINK it was here? -- about WP plugins that will supposedly do well at migrating from static pages to WP.

    I've never used any, but I've heard about them.
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    You may try this method. There are plugins, but I have used the method in this link and if done correctly it can make haste of your task.

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    I was on a roll, so I went beyond just "moving" my existing content over to the blog. I actually revived some old content from backup CDs, to share some very old articles about web advertising:

    One interesting discovery: in 1999, I actually owned the domain "" and sold it along with my web site.

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    sounds like you were bored

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    Quote Originally Posted by markwelch View Post
    It's ironic that after 15 years mostly making a living from internet advertising, affiliate programs, and Google PPC Search, there are currently no ads anywhere on my site!
    Yes, that is ironic, considering you actually have great content on your site. Just today I was looking at the blog of a 19-year-old "expert" at affiliate marketing. His content was weak, but he had a bunch of ads. Whether he's making any money from them, though...
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    I don't understand. So what will become of ? You hit the nail on the head about that domain being aged and the content. Are you going to revert the old content back to once your blog format is set up?

    On the other hand I see lots of "markwelch"-es on the net so it could be a good domain sale....

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    Google Webmaster Tools Change of Address
    Mark: I'm not sure how this works, but it might save you from losing your Google PageRank, etc. In Google's Webmaster Tools, there is a way to notify them, if you Change the Address of a web site. I am going to place one of our domain names for sale next week and if we sell it, I am going to try the Change of Address in Google's Webmaster Tools, to the new site, after I move the content. Lanny

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    • I'll look into the "change of address" option, to see whether it might provide some benefit for me.
    • I've added a small (120x240) Google AdSense block, just to see how well Google targets ads on the site (so far, it's doing surprisingly well). I'll probably remove the ad block in a few days.
    • There is still some unique content at which I don't currently intend to move to the blog. I need to think about what to do with that content.
    • I don't have any definitive plans for, but I would expect to keep it for consulting work, if and when I decide to take on new clients. Looking at my log files, I see an immense amount of search-engine and "bot" traffic, but not many humans.

    It's worth recalling that some of this content has migrated across several domains (the "web site banner advertising" content actually started on an AOL homestead site, then moved to a subdirectory under (my law-office site), then to a subdirectory under, and finally to; I've restored only a few slices of that content to the blog).

    As a result of that experience, in 1999 I tried to segregate content under topical domains, to make it easier to sell individual properties. This worked well when I managed only a handful of unique properties, but I failed to extend the concept efficiently to dozens of projects. I've disposed of many dozens of domains in the past 12 months.
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