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    Im considering putting together a site that will be short video walkthroughs, some will be longer than others, I have both programs camtasia and macromedia robodemo

    with both i can add audio, but as this site will be pretty much 90% video, im really wondering 2 things

    1. If you bought membership to a site that was video, would you want audio along with it? or text bubbles?

    2. What do you think is the best format to have people view the tutorial walkthroughs? flash?, Windows media?, Real player?

    3. would you make it downloadable for offline watching or online?

    4. What do you learn best at Video and audio, text or just video no sound?

    I know if i create a site that has walkthrough tutorials it will be a big bandwidth issue and i just want to get peoples thoughts on it.. on what the best way would be to go about it, yet still using video and possibly audio

    thanks guyz, your input is much appreciated

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    Before you go too far into it do a search on Google for acacia - that is a company who claims to own the patent that covers the transmission of video via the Internet.

    They are currently demanding annual royalty payments from anyone they find who has video on their websites.

    While several industry groups are challenging the validity of the patent there is no guarantee that the challenges will succeed and if the patent is upheld then you can expect to pay a hefty annual figure for the privilege of using their patent.

    We spoke to Acacia about 12 months ago and the base figure they had in mind - even for small sites - was over $1k per year.

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    I would go with camtasia and have the user download the free camtasia player. There are lots of other different players presenting lot of compatability problems resulting in loss of audio, video, or both.
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