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    Using Blogger to begin
    Hello again, I have a feeling you lot will be sick of the sight of my writing in the next couple of weeks.

    Basically, as you may have read, I am going to begin my own affiliate site next week.

    I want to start my own domain, which is obviously the only way to become an affiliate if you're serious about making money.

    However, I don't have a fortune at my disposal right now, and was thinking of starting three blogs about each of the sub niches I am marketing for. Would it be a good or bad thing if I were to start my blogs with blogger, as in have a blogger subdomain?

    Obviously I will still attempt to link to the merchants through this, albeit in a more subtle kind of way.

    Would it be better if I were to wait. I have the most fantastic SEO idea and I want to start it asap. Would starting a blogger blog be a mistake?



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    I recall a earlier thread on similar type of question(s)...

    Please check out the following:
    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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    That is a great thread to link to Georgie. In that thread I also link to this thread:

    There is a podcast and an article (if you don't want to listen to the podcast ) about using free services to host your content.

    I have the most fantastic SEO idea and I want to start it asap.
    If you know much about SEO why would you send that traffic to a site you don't own? Think about it
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    You can register 3 of your own domains for about $30 or even a little less.

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    Last Monday (17 May) I bought a .com domain for only 99 cents US (plus 18 cents for the icann fee for each domain) at godaddy. I also got a free .info domain for the .com domain I purchased. I paid a total of only US$1.35 for the 2 domains (1 .com and 1 .info)
    The coupon code to take advantage of this is 99INDY. I got it from a friend. I don't know till when the coupon code is valid, though.
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