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    Arrow Help! Ad(Pay per click) Cost Increase After Mergers of Search Engine Marketing Platfo
    They announced this merger 2 months ago, expected to be late this year.
    My understanding is Current Yahoo platform will integrated into MS and disappear and current MS Bing platform will keep operational, absorbing Yahoo business.
    I would appreciate if some experts could post me
    1. If Pay Per Click Cost goes higher than that of current Yahoo?
    2. If Yes, the new cost is how higher? Higher than that of Current Bing

    I have accounts with Google Adwords, Yahoo SEM and MS Bing SEM.
    My humble opinion/experience (I just started internet marketing part time 3 months ago) says Yahoo is generally the lowest cost.

    If after the absorption, Yahoo costs go higher, I have to stop Search Engine Marketing and use other traffic methods.

    So this question is vital to me and I would appreciate if some experts could post here some comments.
    herok – The Phantom of The Opera

    PS If you are Yahoo expert, please post in my thread “Help Me! Flaw of Yahoo PPC Search Engine Ad:Clicks from Wrong Countries” in the same category “Main Internet Marketing Forum” dated May 21.
    No one has answered yet.

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    Yahoo is actually changing a couple of things around.

    Here you have an excellent link for you to compare Ads and to know what the final product will be:

    Hope it helps

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    It's certainly reasonable to expect ad rates to increase as more advertisers compete.

    Right now, a substantial number of PPC-Search advertisers only use Google; many others use Google plus Yahoo, or Google plus MSN/Bing. (The time required to administer the accounts is not trivial.) Once the merger is complete, then the "Yahoo-but-not-Bing" advertisers and the "Bing-but-not-Yahoo" advertisers will be merged into the existing pool of "Bing-plus-Yahoo" advertisers, and it's also likely that some "Google-only" advertisers will expand to the new merged system also.

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    You know its easy to get hung up on the average cost per click on an account.

    You shouldnt. No one should.

    Lets just accept that costs go up 20%.

    It is quite easy for you to find some expensive keywords that dont convert and get your cost down 20% by pausing them.

    Or you could make some small changes to your website like a clear call to action and increase conversions 20%. Easily.

    Or you could do both....

    Plus knowing how MSN and Yahoo operate, Yahoo could be effectively gone by the time they implement this. Dont put your business model on one site you don't control.

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    Have to wait until it actually happens and then roll with it.

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    Hi! Everyone
    thank you for your thoughts/comments.

    As for andbeyond's post,I will follow your thoughts.
    I am a newbie.
    i just started internet markrting 3 months ago.

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