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    Smile Google Gift Card
    I just received a $100.00 Google Adsense Free card. Has anyone else received and used one of these?

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    jacked by sylon
    Yes. They want you to use it and hope that you'll screw up and end up spending a lot more than $100, and more than you meant to with them, and they'll make you pay for it.

    They'll also want your CC number and a lot of other personal information from you.

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    It seems like I get one or two a month. They are addressed to some domain I own and must be mining WHOIS to come up with lists of potential "clients." I have noticed that the inquiries are never targeted to one our our popular domains/sites - usually something of the 2-3 page nature, and sometimes not yet developed.

    That $100 coupon costs them nothing (postage?) and yet may yield, as BurgerBoy suggests, a lot of revenue from an inexperienced, yet hopeful, (sucker?) domain owner. I don't really do PPC and have not even looked closely enough at the offer to see if it can be applied to an existing account.
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    I got one, they are not just being sent to people with domains, they are being sent to Current Occupant! They are blanket emailing out the vouchers to get people to try online advertising and they are only good on new accounts. And we all know that new accounts have to pay more for clicks than established accounts that know what they are doing.
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    Google may be in its last stretch of growth .. before the growth snails down the way ebay, yahoo etc. have seen already.

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    I tried one offer. Had to pony up $10 of my own if I remember right.

    It's an education. You can go slow and careful and learn a lot. I spent two months blowing the credit and still have $4 credit there.

    did I make a profit? no.

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