Hi! Everyone
Please help as I AM AT THE CROSS ROADS.
I just started internet marketing 3 month ago.
I did not join any Forum at all till May 16 2010.

I created sites free one page Blogger site(Google group) with monetization, then free multipage Google site with monetization and finally free multiple Microsoft site with a lot of monetization with no optin forms embedded.

I joined Commission Junction, Clickx Galore and Click Bank.
I also have accounts with Google Adwords and Yahoo and MS pay per click Search Engine Marketing.
I opened accounts with Twitter and Facebook on month ago.

As time goes by I noticed almost all people preach “Making a list“ (thousands or tens of thousands) with mass email marketing and now I actually believe that.

However Also I know from a case study by Commission Junction that someone can be very successful with affiliate marketing with his sort of reviews site which has detailed multiple pages. I do not know if he has an optin form or not,but even if he has it will be definitely newsletter purpose and his aim is not to build a list and conduct mass email marketing.
He stated importance of repeat customers, which initially I thought is strange and also he stated he did not know first.

But Trust is common for both cases above.

My fatal question now is which direction I go Mass Email Marketing with one page site versus Affiliate Marketing with multiple pages with contents maybe a review site etc.

When I started,maybe I have to go down in the future the path of the marketer who appeared in Commission Junction article.
But I know it is a big job,taking months to create good and trustful contents and hard works for traffic.

I became an subscription member of WHO (you guessed ! Some people in this forum are very annoyed !!??) on May 2 and 10 days later my Squeeze page is up on the net with all domain and Aweber set up.

All the base template are supplied and I felt This Squeeze one page method is extremely easy and quick to get up running, bypassing the creation of detailed multipage contents like the marketer of Commission Junction.

Now I started to work for traffics for squeeze page.

It seems success depends on mainly how good your WRITING article is,unless you have different traffic channel.

Also I examined internationally successful Ewn Chen,Singaporian marketer(Disclaimer: I have not purchase/subscribe his products till May 23 2010). He seems credible person with reputable and legitimate international and national awards ,who is preaching WRITING.
Also he state HARD WORKs and he says he started marketing in 1998 and spent hours and hours at night after day job. He must have put in extraordinary hard works.
So I totally believe this WRITING thing.
Question is how good article you can write or how many article you submit.

In pure Affiliate Marketing Sense this WRITING is not preached like the marketer in Commission Junction Article.

I would appreciate if people from both camps could post me for some thoughts/guidance, especially people who started like me and did not start with Squeeze page and optin mass email marketing.

Sorry for the long story.
Because I did not start with Squeeze page method so I am at Cross Roads which way I go or what percentage of time to be spent for both directions.
I feel I would put 20 or 30 % of total time to what I started with.

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