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    For Merchants/AM's With Programs On More Than One Network - Question
    Only for merchants with programs on more than one network or any AM that has ever run a program like that. What percentage of sales would you say had the problem of cookies from multiple networks. This keeps being brought up as a major problem but I remember somebody posting it rarely even happened (can't find thread). I have no idea, I think most people have no idea. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But I like facts or somebody with actual knowledge to give some sort of estimate. Looking for numbers.

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    You may recall that I ran an in-house program and was also on SAS.
    It was a long time ago but my guess was 10 to 15%
    We finally had a script written that fixed the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trust View Post
    Only for merchants with programs on more than one network or any AM that has ever run a program like that. What percentage of sales would you say had the problem of cookies from multiple networks.
    0%. If you're doing a program in multiple platforms, you should only the confirmation pixel from the last-clicked affiliate network firing. If you only use one network, the last affiliate click gets the credit, and this should hold true for multiple networks, as well.

    I've talked to respectable AMs who have lost clients over not catching/not being able to fix this, and frankly, it shouldn't happen in the first place. It's a fairly simple process to handle.

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    Hey now I know you said "For Merchants/AM's" but this is in Midnight Cafe so I'll respond, too.

    It isn't that difficult to fire the pixel from the last referring network Joshua said. I don't have exact #s/percentages, but it was significant enough that we added a clause in our contract that requires merchants to address this if they are in any other network besides ours.

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    Rarely...around 5% on average for us.


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    I don't now but I did at HometownQuotes and early on here moving our ridiculous/old in-house program to SAS. We only fired the pixel for the last cookie between our in-house and SAS.

    There is one thing that could cause issues though and that is if two networks or an in-house and network have variable tracking.

    Let's say your in-house program uses cookie and IP tracking and the network only uses cookie tracking.

    You can do last cookie wins all you want but if they visit the in-house link first and it uses IP tracking, both will win.

    On a product like ours, in which tons of people seek our reviews, it could be as high as 20% that would track to both depending on the size of the two programs on each network.

    Right now, we estimate (with considerable research and tracking) that about 35-40% of people who buy our courses visit two or more affiliate or internally tracked marketing links. That probably means that about 25% visit two or more affiliate links.

    If half of the affiliates are in-house and half on the network, that means the duplicate percentage would be about 12-13%.

    That would be scary!
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