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    Cool Joomla and datafeeds. How do you do it?
    Hey all,

    2nd post here I've done alot of searching around this forum for Joomla topics and datafeed topics but most have turned out to be very old. I've played around with a few components and have some basic things thrown together.

    I'm highly interested in knowing how others are using Joomla with datafeeds. I know some have used special custom scripts while others have married Joomla with something else like popshops. I'm looking to make using datafeeds as painless as possible.

    So...How are you guys/gals doing it??

    P.S. Not looking for a flame war about which is the best CMS or how Joomla is soo bad. Thanks

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    I started a popshops php to joomla conversion about 3 months ago. You can see it at

    This is primarily done by using php code in jumi.

    I'm still having trouble getting the search to function correctly. What have you managed to do so far?

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