It is with great pleasure that I announce to our ABW family the availability of a dynamic Daily Deal creative for our program!!

This sample code here (be sure to replace !!Your Handle!! with your unique handle) is all you need to start sharing these great buys with your site visitors:

HTML Code:
<script type="text/javascript" src="!!Your Handle!!&amp;CID=5838"></script>
The code above translates to the display of a daily deal, similar to the one below (though actual creative size is 160x370, and includes a daily deal header, just like the one on the eWatches home page):

How do you share the latest and greatest timepiece deals on your site? Easy!

  1. Ensure you are a member of the Network
  2. Ensure you are approved for the program
  3. Copy and paste the code above, replacing !!Your Handle!! with your assigned handle OR
  4. Log into your Management Area, click on Make Links, Graphic Links and select eWatches and flash banners from the drop downs, then copy and paste the code
  5. Set it and forget it!

The banner then updates EACH DAY to display the information for that day's daily deal.

Feel free to reach out with any comments or questions!