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    DankCash Network and Bed Bath and Beyond?
    A friend of mine just had her twitter account hacked and direct messages sent to everyone on her list with the following message.

    "Could you use a free $500 gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond? They have them at (shortened affiliate link for DankCash) -- mine showed up yesterday! Yay!"

    I knew the message was suspicious right away since she lives in a country where they don't have Bed Bath and Beyond, but I did some checking and it appears BB&B doesn't even have an affiliate program. I used to find the shortened link and it's an affiliate link with DankCash. Does anyone know anything about them? A search of the forum doesn't show they've ever been mentioned here. I searched on Google and the only forum I see them being discussed looks like it's for college students, and all the DC "supporters" seem to be DC employees.

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    Its probably one of those scam sites where they ask you to fill out a survey for a free gift card, then to get the gift card you have to complete dozens upond dozens of affiliate offers that they offer you. nothing new about this has been going on for years

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    Yea, like HardwareGeek said above. Its for a survey offer for a free $500 gift card. Lots of CPA networks have them. Weird that they didn't link to the CPA offer.
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