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    Slow and steady wins the race! What are you doing TODAY?
    It's easy to procrastinate as an affiliate and to be overwhelmed by the massive backlog of things we need to do. If we commit not to let a single day pass without doing something for our sites, I think we'll see far better results.


    What are you doing TODAY for your affiliate website(s)? (No need to be too specific.)

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    Outsourcing a few tasks I hate doing, and tend to procrastinate.

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    November 20th, 2005
    1) Added some narrative to a couple of existing sites.
    2) Changed to a new theme on a WP install for a new site for our checks products.
    3) Created a couple of new header images for another site (with rotating headers).
    4) Made a bank run (found out is is getting HOT outside in Baltimore - but will be heading back to the beach tomorrow afternoon).

    5) About to write details for an ABW post promoting a Sizzlin' Summer $alary Increase for Business Checks.

    n/a) Then I'm heading to the airport to play with my airplane.
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    I was hit yesterday by a severe case of almost incurable affiliati-overwhelmus-and-paralysis. That usually happens when I have lots of outside distractions going on with family life.

    So this morning, I buckled down and right now working on a site I purchased in 2003 and not done much about. Keyword rich domain. Had a one pager Popshop page so thin affiliate site. It ranked page 2 before the changes in caffeine/Mayday. Now, it is nowhere to be found and probably deep -950 after Mayday. In Yahoo it's still page 1. So kinda an experiment to see if adding content will bring the page back and seeing how long it will takes (if it ever comes back up).

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    Creating a unit on weather for my home school site. Should finish today.
    This World is Not My Home
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    Working on new blog posts for both of my sites. One site more technical so that will take me a couple of days to complete. I am also studying the affiliate banners and links I have on my sites to see which ones I need to eliminate. I have decided to concentrate on just a few that are key to my subject of my blogs.

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    Updated my shoe site to include datafeeds from 2 more merchants, now totaling 10. Added relevant coupons for the 10 merchants, added a historical price chart, and added a price comparison table on the same shoe when applicable.

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    Been phasing out alot of merchants. Been phasing out alot of mainstream stuff in general.

    Redesigning some sites here and there.

    Actually working on getting a non-AM site back online that's had a long road of ups and downs (actually a site you would have great interest in, especially in a couple of months ). Used to be one of the biggest sites for it. Been working on it slowly for quite a long time. Ready to get it back up (If I could quit redeveloping layouts for it and finish getting the content/pics added in). It's a good break from the AM headaches though.

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