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    AmazonAssist Add-on for Firefox
    Anyone got a chance to use the AmazonAssist Firefox add-on yet?
    I have used it and here is what I found:

    I received an email from Amazon because I've subscribed to their newsletter. This newsletter is for "customers" not for affiliates. I guess, there is nothing for affiliates in this add-on thing.

    The email pointed to Rockyourfirefox.[com] where I installed the add-on and restarted Firefox. When restarted firefox, saw this window:

    I clicked YES, Allow it. Firfox opened the AmazonAssist FAQ page:
    What is AmazonAssist?

    AmazonAssist is a Firefox add-on that helps you discover relevant Amazon products while you surf the web. As you search for products on the web, AmazonAssist uses your search keywords to find matching products on and presents them in the AmazonAssist search result panel.

    How does AmazonAssist work?

    As you search on the web, AmazonAssist uses the keywords you enter onto certain websites, including major search engines, to search and displays matching products in a panel at the bottom of your browser window.

    Is AmazonAssist compatible with all websites?

    AmazonAssist is compatible with major search and shopping web sites, but not all. If you wish to suggest additional websites, please contact us.

    How do I know if AmazonAssist is compatible with the site I'm currently on?

    If AmazonAssist is compatible with the website you are currently viewing, the AmazonAssist logo will appear in color (AmazonAssist logo). If it is not compatible with the website you are viewing, the logo will be grayed out (AmazonAssist logo).

    Do I need to log in to to use AmazonAssist?

    No, you do not need to log in to to use AmazonAssist. In fact, you can use AmazonAssist even if you are not an customer.

    I can see product images. How do I see more details?

    When you hover your mouse over a product image within AmazonAssist, you'll see additional details about the product, with a larger product image, product title, price, ratings, similar products, accessories, links to the product information page on, and more.

    How do I purchase the products shown by AmazonAssist?

    When you see a product that interests you, if you click on the image you will be taken to the product information page on, where you can see more information about the product and buy the product. Alternatively, if you hover your mouse over the image you'll see additional details about the product, with a larger product image, product title, price, ratings, similar products, accessories, links to the product information page on, and more.

    How do I open or close AmazonAssist?

    Click on the Enable (to close) or Disable (to open) buttons on the Firefox status bar to close or open AmazonAssist.

    How do I minimize or maximize the AmazonAssist panel?

    Click on the Down (to minimize) or Up (to maximize) buttons located to the right of the AmazonAssist bar.

    What is the "Amazon Prime results only" button?

    When the "Amazon Prime results only" option is checked, AmazonAssist searches for and shows only products that are eligible for Amazon Prime.

    What information does AmazonAssist collect?

    AmazonAssist collects information from certain websites you visit, including major search engine websites, in order to improve your search experience. If you also have an cookie, AmazonAssist will associate your web browsing information with your cookie and account information in order to help us further personalize your Amazon shopping experiences. If you do not want your web browsing information associated with your account, you can easily opt-out within the AmazonAssist application. For users who opt-out, AmazonAssist still collects web browsing activity while it is active, but that information will not be associated with your account. Of course, if you click on the Amazon icon Enable within the application, you will close AmazonAssist and no information will be collected.

    All information collected by AmazonAssist is subject to the Privacy Policy.
    When I started firefox, I noted two new things:

    Amazon Toolbar just above the Status bar:

    Amazon Button to the left of HOME button:

    The reason why I installed the toolbar was to check it's functionality and see if it does anything unethical. I searched for random products on Google and everytime I searched for a product, the toolbar gets populated and it kinda pops up to show related products:

    On most search engines, the toolbar does NOT populate with products on its own, but on Yahoo, the toolbar gets populated on its own and shows hundreds of products. My initial thought, the toolbar reads what's on the page and tries to show relevant products.

    To check the toolbar on ethical grounds, I visited my website, searched products, clicked on my Amazon Associate links, clicked on my affiliate links to other networks, tried different things. The toolbar does not popup or does not get populated with products. Which means, "as of now" the AmazonAssist toolbar/add-on is configured different for different pages. It is manually customized to show products when user is on Various search engines I tested: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Dogpile, Altavista, etc.

    Conclusion: How hard is it to get in the top 10 search results of Google? What does it take?
    Answer: All it takes is a toolbar.

    The good news as of now, the toolbar is not doing anything suspicious/alarming. But definitely, the organic traffic we get for product reviews, will take a hit as shoppers click on Amazon product results displayed by the toolbar.

    What's your thought on this guys?
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    It's an other fight between Google and Amazon to capture the customer cart. What's left for us, affiliate? Your screen copy of Google loaded with the amazon toolbar say it all. There's only two spots left to be seen in organic traffic including one for the manufacturer. It's not getting easier to make a living at that game.

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