I quite often receive Lead commissions from Yahoo - Web Hosting, Small business Package and Personals.

Please post me What actions require how much lead commission which might sound stupid questions.
And what do you think of Yahoo?

I asked Yahoo on April 26,but their answer on April 27 is below.

My enquiry April 26 direct quote
I received lead commissions below occasionally.
$0.75 for Web hosting
$1 for Personals and Small business/merchant solutions
Your details do not show what actions are required for these leads (I understand commissions for purchase)
Please email me what actions?

Yahoo’s Answer April 27 Direct quote
……….. We see you have been credited for Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Toolbar downloads. What month did you receive $0.75 for Web Hosting or $1.00 for Personals, Small Business/Merchant Solutions?......... click the tab "Get Links," then the sub tab "By Relationship" and then finally click on the Yahoo! Affiliate Program…….. This will bring up your Program Terms. …….. will outline the payouts for each possible action as well as what action needs to take place

Program terms do not mention “Lead”,not a word
Also they say I have been credited for Messenger and Toolbar,but if I run Commision Juction Report NO RECORD whatsoever and commissions for Web Hosting and Personals appear in the report.
On April 27 total lead commission was only $5 so I did not bother to waste my time to keep corresponding,but one month later total came up to $15 so I cannot ignore this any more.

Another thing is that Commission Junction Report problems admitted by them ub response to my enquiry seemed to have added further complications.
If you are not bored,please refer to my Thread “Help Me! If You are Commission Junction User : discrepancy of Lead Counts” on May 22 2010
Am I the only one suffering? Or Are other people experiencing the same?