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    That's what it says on the "Program Uptime History" page.

    Unfortunately I found that out in an unexciting way.

    (Side-thought: why the hell couldn't there be just ONE "Texas Roadshow LOCATIONS" thread?
    Could get the same point across. There's enough at the top of this forum.)

    Shawn Kerr (.com) | Disney World | SEC Football

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    Fixed the typo - Thanks!

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    Point noted re RoadShow threads, we'll test that out next year. The goal is for affiliates from each city to be able to connect with each other in advance, before the face-to-face. You put all those guys in one thread, and it's not as easy to figure out who's going to be attending what. It worked out well last year, so we done did it again

    We'll try to do a single thread next year though, see how that works.

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