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    "In addition to delivering world-class antivirus protection, you can also look forward to an upgrade in your storage capacity. In fact, you'll receive 125 times your current email storage with the introduction of a 250 MB inbox as well as the ability to send attachments up to 10 MB."

    Gmail comes with 1G, Yahoo counters with 100 MB and now MSN coming in at 250 MB, more than enough for what i need. Competition is great.

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    Yes, that's a good example for the benefits of perfect competition markets. But I don't think I'll ever give up my POP emails and start to use GMail, Yahoo or MSN as my main.

    Actually, GMail means more than a webmail service with 1GB storage capacity. It's like a FTP server. A personal one... (I wonder if I can host my sites on GMail. )

    But IMO, the most important thing about GMail is their filter. It's said that they have the best SPAM filter ever. It's so new to have an opinion about it but as far as I know Yahoo's and MSN's SPAM policy is just a bit better than useless.

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    I'm already using gmail as a storage thing, all important emails, etc.., all is forwarded to gmail, so that I don't have to waste my hard-disk space, and on Gmail's server the data is not vulnerable to hard-disk crashes and virus attacks.
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    Gmail rules...
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