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    This may be the wrong forum to post this, but I wanted to hopefully get a discussion going and it's the busiest forum.

    I work for a company that has a fairly popular retail website. We sell gift-focused food items.We are needing to get an affiliate program started to get affiliates, and have them start advertising for us.

    I don't have much affiliate experience. So far I've looked hard at starting on CJ, DirectTrack or Linkshare. What we sell is more gourmet kinds of things, and we are working hard on branding, so we don't want to necessarily be on just any old site.

    I would like to manage our program in-house, because I want to learn about it and also we can't afford to pay someone else to manage it.

    Linkshare is the most expensive, plus they charge $2000 a month for management, but they seem to be the best. CJ seems good, but also I really like DirectTrack because it seems you can do more yourself and it's cheaper to start.

    Can anyone share any insight at all? I'm mainly looking for some pros and cons of them.

    It seems like most folks in here are actual affiliates and not advertisers so if I'm in the wrong place let me know.


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    Hi Alpherjo,

    Welcome to ABW

    Have you check ShareASale?

    Talk to Brian and he will gladly help you.

    And when you are set up with ShareASale announce your program on ShareAsale Forum here in ABW and tell us what you offer, this Forum will give you alot of good (and bad! lol...) affiliate to start promoting your products in no time!

    Good Luck!

    Other members will come and give you more advice too, just hang in there and they will come!

    Again welcome!

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    All right, I'll check it out.

    Thanks Nova!

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    Orlando, FL
    If you are looking for a boutique type of affiliate (i.e. one that knows what they are doing) then places like ShareASale or Direct Track are good. With DT, you are more of an indie program, but they are now doing some cross promoting things that get deals out through some of the networks that use their software as well.

    It is kind of up to whether you want to do all of the marketing yourself or want to pay somebody to do it for you. Linkshare and CJ offer a huge marketplace, but are more expensive than say a DT that offers you a strong tracking software.

    Just my two cents.
    Chris Mayr
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    Welcome to the industry .

    I'm an affiliate manager who runs programs on Linkshare, CJ, Performics and DirectTrack. (I'm only somewhat deranged.)

    However, I would agree with the ever-wise Mrs. Happypoon. If you're just getting your program started, it would be good to add ShareASale to your list of platforms to consider.

    The difference between DirectTrack and the CJ/Linkshare/Performics/ShareASale folks is that you will have to recruit affiliates into the program yourself. The networks already have an established gathering of affiliates that will opt-in to your program. The pro's of having an Indie is that you are more likely to know exactly who is in your program. The con's are that it's very time-consuming to recruit and you will almost certainly need someone working on that program full-time.

    As for the networks, there are pros and cons to each of those as well!

    Please feel free to IM or call me if you want some off the record insight.


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    If you have the $,$$$$ go to Linkshare.. They will also walk you step by step...

    They have some very good whale accounts...(not that the minnows don't do thier part.)

    Read some of the posts here.. (regarding CJ, Share, Performics) lots of complaints (to me). The only complaint I hear about Linkshare, mainly, is they don't combine checks monthly, or direct deposit.. That's not REALLY a bad thing to complain about...
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