We're using aspdotnetstorefront and are trying to become shareasale merchants. Our regular card payment process confirmed with no issues by using step 1 below, but we are having trouble running a test order with GoogleCheckout trying step 2 and 3.

1. Add the codes in the topic "GoogleTrackingCode" as this instruction in https://help.shareasale.com/index.ph...35&nav=0,30,31

2. Search appconfig "GoogleCheckout.ConversionURL" and enter the value "https://shareasale.com/sale.cfm?transtype=sale&merchantID=XXXX" where you replace the XXXX with your ShareASale Merchant ID number.

3. Search appconfig "GoogleCheckout.ConversionParameters" and enter the value: "order-id tracking, order-subtotal amount".

We are now being told that we will have to have custom code developed in order to pass SAS's parameters.

Has anyone else had any luck getting aspdnsf to pass SAS's parameters through a GCO order without using custom code?