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    Blogger Started delete spamming blog.
    Google Blogger started to delete spamming blog. are you safe? whats your opinion about this?

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    If you **** in somebody else's pool, they're bound to kick you out. Something like that.

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    blogs plural. And this has been going on for a long time. Although blogger (a google product) has no problem with adsense on blogger blogs. Just other affiliate things.

    Funny that.

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    This stresses the fact that self-hosting your blog is much better. You would have more control over it and not have it deleted or suspended unless you are doing something on it that's illegal.
    It does require some monetary investment to host your blog on your own server, but it's minimal. A domain name is about $10 a year but many domain registrars offer discounts and even free domains from time to time. I just got a free .com domain from 1and1 myself (if you want one, then hurry up because the offer ends today, I think) and godaddy offers US$0.99 domains periodically (you just have to be on the lookout for the coupon codes).
    Web hosting services start from about US$5 a month, and there are even web hosting servers like and which give you free hosting to get you started and you can upgrade your account when you need more features.
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