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    How to fight internet today Seoer Links Resources
    believe SEOer know a link resources are the lifeline of SEO, is a measure of the importance of the weight of a site, the link will not only help to site search engine optimization in the first few pages, a more direct benefit is the ability to bring traffic.

    Looking back over the past few years the Internet link resources development and use of message board from 03,04 years, like the garbage link resources; to 07,08 years, blog, forum, bookmarks, links, Wikipedia; then to now The SNS, social networking, microblogging, A1 website promotion most of the resources site. Industry elite is simply nothing to do with the development of more and more links to resources, then more and more attention to the link resources, search engines are increasingly Diao taste, which means more and more difficult the more names .

    Most staff have done SEO blog, forums, etc. outside the chain, all know that most of the blog, a forum in which both made for a simple text link or soft site are tired, a released immediately remove or direct title has become a major Most owners will do, what is more, a number of key words directly Ping Bie, these keywords can not appear among these sites, which for most of the SEO staff can do for much less link to another resource . So now how to fight a good link resources? According to my experience of long-term links links submitted three major entry points to do:

    1. Do link to promote "targeted"

    Targeted to do the link, a clear site on the industries and categories to find an industry blog, forums, social networking websites, publishing-related technologies, news, dynamic like the article, the article stated the source, and then add the link, so the link just right in general moderator or administrator will not be easily removed a soft paper.

    2. The product or information publishing platform

    Find the product or information release platform for related industries released some free information and find some news sites like, release a number of industry-news, released in these sites should not be soft with too much text in key words, an article about 300 to 500 words, keyword links best control in three to four or less.

    3. By favorites, bookmarks, web site navigation

    Find some favorites, bookmarks, web site navigation, site navigation, especially A1 personality, in this type of site which would have a better effort, and for their own personalized home page in which production and classification often add a good web site, and add some After the number of hot friends, in which information can easily publish website on top of home page, this site can not only add URL free of charge, if the rate of well, more easily categorize the owners to the front page. In this type of site which would have a better effort, and to bring your site the most direct traffic and link resources.

    I believe SEOer all know, long link, relevance ranking determines both the stability and longevity are quite sure that if even outside the chain to overcome this problem are not, then do not even talk about ideas and strategies for SEO the.

    Source: Network ([link removed]) - Internet sector, Reader's Digest
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