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    I received a "phishing" scam email today that was so good that I need to let people know about this immediately. I generally do not send out emails about stuff, but since this one was so well crafted, I felt I needed to let everyone know. In fact, I have notified Citibank's fraud program about this latest email so that they could investigate it further.

    The email came from a spoofed email address as The subject was Account Alert!. The email suggests that somebody has been trying to access my account from a foreign IP address. Gotcha. I don' thave a Citibank account. Knowing that this was definitely a scam, I clicked the link and saw a site that looked exactly like Citibank's. No big surprise here as that is easy enough to do.

    Here was the kicker. The url was a Citibank url. Stunned to see this, I investigated further. It seems that the scammers were off by one pixel, but had launched a javascript window and placed it just over the address bar of the main window to make it seem as if the url was truly a CitiBank url. Had I not obviously known this was a fraud, I might have trusted it. Although, I am a complete skeptic here, so in those cases, I always call the operator and track it that way, but I am sure this was a very successful campaign for regular folks.

    The actual url that it takes you to is:

    The scam form goes to

    If you go to you see that Kevin O'Sullivan was kind enough to place a photo blog on that site.

    Mr Kevin O'Sullivan
    Flat 3, 28 Medina Villas
    East Sussex
    BN3 2RN

    Domain Name: THESULLIES.COM

    Administrative Contact, Billing Contact, Technical Contact, Agent:
    "Mr Hostmaster" <>
    Phone: +44 906 216 1940

    Record last updated on 2004-03-25.
    Record expires on 2006-03-23.
    Record created on 2003-03-23.

    Domain servers in listed order:


    I am sure that Citibank will be all over this guy in a few minutes....Just thought I would save you guys some headaches.
    Chris Mayr
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    Thank you for your informative post. I received the email too. I do have a citibank account, but i never respond to email alerts.

    EXCEPT once a few months ago a similiar email did get me. I had to cancel ALL my credit cards and get new accounts, as well as change my online banking info. Because I did this IMMEDIATELY after I realized how stupid I was, which was about 10 seconds after I gave out account info, nothing bad seems to have happend, and my identity seems safe, credit report etc.

    But beware, these guys are getting better every day.


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