A couple of members at ABW mentioned the PicApp plugin for WordPress. I decided to give it a whirl, and am pleased with how easy it was to put legal pictures in my blog.

I ran into an issue or two, so I thought I'd mention those here, for the benefit of others.

First, the current version of PicApp says it hasn't been tested with the latest version of WordPress, which I'm running. I decided to give it a shot and installed it anyway. It won't let me modify sizes of the images (which the PicApp blog says it will do), but as far as searching for a type of image and easily inserting it into my blog, it seemed to work just fine.

After adding pictures, I noticed that my "uncategorized" category suddenly showed a bunch of posts in it, even though I had no posts there. No amount of fiddling with the sidebar.php or category widget seemed to fix the error. So I ended up creating a new category called "random," which I made my default category, and then deleted my "uncategorized" category. That seems to have done the trick.

So for what it is worth, there you go.