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    Anyone got an email from an Icelander???
    With the oil leak thing I was curious if the Iceland volcano was still erupting and I found this. It seems that
    The Icelandic government has thrown its weight behind an internet campaign to brighten up the country's image.

    Icelanders have gone online en masse, to tell the world how much they love their country.

    Thursday's "Iceland Hour" was aimed at kick-starting Icelandic tourism, following many cancellations.

    The head of the "Inspired by Iceland" internet campaign, Einar Karl Haraldsson, told BBC News that tens of thousands of e-cards had been sent between 1300 and 1400 GMT.

    He said half a million people had viewed the videos on the campaign website and "there have been two million hits on Twitter", the popular social network.

    I haven't seen any of them, what about you guys....
    P.S. I'm still not sure if the volcano isn't still erupting, if you know that, post that too.
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    Nothing like that - but I do get a monthly email from Iceland Air that promotes their country. A few years ago we flew to Germany on Iceland Air (excellent experience both ways) and only spent an hour in Reykjavik's airport each way. We would like to go back to Iceland one day as a destination. It looks like a fascinating place to visit, volcanic activity or not.
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    I have an Icelandic friend who sent me a link yesterday to a gorgeous site with really nice images of Iceland. I'll dig it up later and post - then bust him for spamming me (just joking).

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