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    Post We are looking for someone to help us set up and manage an Affiliate Program
    Hi there,

    We're a business that recently expanded to the US (, and we'd like to explore Affiliate Marketing.

    I would love to hear from Affiliate Program Managers that are open to a pay-per-performance fee structure and have achieved great discounts with the major networks.

    We have an extremely unique product (design-your-own chocolate bars) that sells very well and think that a pay per performance structure should be in the interest of both the program manager and us.

    If you'd like to contact me, I'd appreciate info about 1) The networks you work with 2) the special deals and discounts you have with them 3) the services you can do and 4) your pricing proposal.
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    Mmmmm a mi me gusta chocolate, you should look up Loxly.

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    You'll find some suggestions here about finding someone to manage your program:

    If you're looking for an OPM to work on pure commissions, you can find some threads about that as well. No reputable OPM does that.

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