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    Affiliate Linking on a second website
    Hi everyone-
    I am hoping y'all can help me. I have somewhat successfully incorporated affiliate links on one website that I have been running for the past year. I would now like to start a second website.

    I believe I've read that to have a second website with a new domain name, I will need to set up all new affiliate relationships/accounts. Is this true?

    The second website will be related in content to the site I already have. Say the first website is If I set up the second website as "" where "domain" is the same as the first site, would it be possible to use the same affiliate links?

    As I set up a second site I don't want to get into any trouble!

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    You don't need a second account to put links on another website for the vast, vast majority of affiliate programs.

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    ...but you will want to go into your account and add the second website as a separate channel so you can track it separately.
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    In some affiliate networks you do not even have to tell them about your websites. But it's a good idea to put in tracking codes (to indicate the website or particular webpage where you will place the link) on your affiliate links from such networks so that you know which of your web sites/pages are performing.
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