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    Online Coupons Impact the Bottom Line
    Interesting article on coupons & their impact on sales:
    Online Coupons Impact the Bottom Line

    More than half of the consumers (57%) who used a coupon code during their last online purchase said that if they had not received the discount, they would not have bought the item(s).

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    Good article for merchants to read. Or they could always hire somebody who's taken a marketing class or at least buy a consumer behavior book. I always find it amazing this sometimes anti-coupon sentiment and merchants not understanding the value. It really is some very basic marketing stuff here.

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    I was a bit confused by this thread; I hadn't realized that there was a widely-held perception that coupons were a bad idea. I think it's important to distinguish frequent discussions on ABW about "coupon affiliates" from the issue of whether a merchant should offer coupons at all.

    The "coupon question" is separate from the "coupon affiliate question," although there is certainly a relationship between them.

    As someone who's generally expressed some skepticism of the value added by "coupon sites" as affiliates, and as someone who's expressed concern about the impact that certain coupon-related merchant practices have on traditional web publishers as affiliates, I view that as a different issue from the question of whether a merchant should offer or use coupons at all.

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    Its not the coupon usually, its the some of the sites that market the coupons which give the whole coupon affiliate industry a bad name.
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    Thanks for posting this! Some interesting data, including this:

    Consumers Who Use Coupons Spend More
    Coupons seem to have a high ROI, the small discount consumers receive encourages them to spend money. When asked how much they spent on their most recent online purchase, consumers who used a coupon spent an average of $216. This figure is 56.5% higher than the average of $122 spent by consumers who did not use a coupon on their most recent online purchase.
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