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    Image optimizing in WP
    We all know the importance of anchor text for link optimizing and keywords, meta data and page structure web page optimizing, but what about images? How do you best optimize images, specifically in WordPress?

    Wordpress gives some easy ways to do this...
    1. Image Title: this is a text field that you can use to specify the name of the file saved to the media library.
    2. Alternative Text (alt text or alt tag): this is another text field that is more descriptive in nature to let the spiders know what the image is all about. Since the spiders don't have eyeballs, they need a way to know the content of the image.

    What other ways have you been optimizing your images in Wordpress?

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    Resize and drop the original resolution. WP will size the image for you but the entire original image still needs to load. That can really slow down page load with 500dpi resolution and an image too big to fit on a monitor, especially since browsers cannot show images at 500 dpi. It's just wasted bandwith bloat.

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    You can also rename the image to a keyword rich name before uploading.

    You could also specify that your picture directory(ies) are crawlable by search engines in your robots.txt file.

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