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    Wiki or Wordpress? Or WP Wiki plugin?
    I want to create a visual encyclopedia (that is sooooooo hard to spell!) for some niche sites and was thinking I should use wiki software. Then I thought maybe that would be overkill, I wouldn't mind help from specified people adding content, but it wouldn't be wide open for people to edit.

    So then I thought about just using Wordpress, then using a wiki plugin for Wordpress.

    Pluses? Minuses?

    Who's using a wiki on their sites? Are you the only editor or do you allow anyone to edit?

    Mulling over possibilities!
    Deborah Carney

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    I'm thinking of using this for a project:
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    We use a Wiki for Geek Dads Weekly. The very first week we got hit by spammers, but since it was young, it was no problem to revert the pages and lock them down. Now, we have it sort of open - you have to register and verify your humanity before you can edit. The bots haven't been back since.

    Upside? We have people who help us edit the show notes and things like that (or we will, once our audience starts to grow a bit ).

    Downside? Wiki markup sucks. I mean, it hardcore, absolutely, completely sucks. It's unnecessarily complicated, it's unintuitive, and it's annoying to work with.

    But for creating a user-based encyclopedia, it's hard to beat... even given the downside.
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    WP wiki plugin scripts needed. can any one send the link or i just want to know where to get that scripts.? did any one use this plugins.

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