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    Zango Founders Go Legit with Scamville Style Startup
    I know the ABestWeb community has missed them but the two Co-Founders of Zango are back with a new startup that is playing in the Zynga/Facebook games space. They also have $5 million in new backing to grow it. But they claim they've learned from their past "mistakes" and turned over a new leaf...

    More info from Kellie Stevens here.
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    Now that's not a biased title if I ever saw one... Zynga is anything but "scamville" after all of those TechCrunch articles. Legit companies are (somehow) seeing legitimate value derived from their Farmville offers/association. This is easily seen by their current offers, and their increased focus on actual purchases of "currency" and co-branded offers offline at retailers such as 7-Eleven.

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    It looks like the Scamville reference came from this TechCrunch article, which basically slams the scammy CPA network offers that Zynga and others use to monetize their products. I have my own negative opinion about the type of trash you find in most CPA networks.

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    When Keith Smith says it's scammy offers....then...heh....he should recognize one.

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