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    Best affiliate marketing programs for retail product data feeds?
    Hey folks,

    So I've been an affiliate on CJ, Avantlink, and recently GAN. I use these networks to gather datafeeds from retailers. I have a two part question though:

    1) I've looked for a list of affiliate networks like the ones listed above ranked in the order of best to worst when it comes to volume, amount of advertisers, etc. and haven't been able to find much. I have an idea in the back of my head, but does anyone have any information on this?

    2) I am aware of PopShops, but are there any software packages/tools out there similar to PopShops that give the publisher a little more control and visibility into advertiser's datafeeds?

    Thanks a bunch!

    - Greg

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    Popshops lets you edit everything about the feed. Not sure what else you want to do. And it isn't going to be "networks" that make you money, it's going to be the products from the merchants and how you present them to your site visitors.

    Welcome to ABW and you might want to take a look at this thread:

    I'm actually going to move your thread to the datafeeds subforum.
    Deborah Carney

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