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    Angry Probem with Omakase widget
    I got a problem in using Omakase widget.

    When I put the Omakase widget in my several sites, Some do work very well when it present relative products advertisement according to my content.

    However, some do not work, and present the default products advertisement. I know the reason. It is becuase that I openned and refreshed these sites in the same time after I added Omakase to them. Maybe it does cause some overload or mistake when crawling these site in the same time by the same IP and webbrowser. For other Omakase working sites, I openned and refreshed them one by one.

    Then, I try to refresh these sites one by one, but it still does not work.

    Could anyone tell me what do I need to do now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raomeng View Post
    Could anyone tell me what do I need to do now?
    The Omakas widget is horrible. It rarely works the way you want it to. Dump it.

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