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    PPC place in affiliate marketing?
    Hi Everyone,

    My company is currently spending a good deal of money (and having great results) with our adwords campaigns. Affiliate marketing is something we really want to focus on.

    My question, what is the typical relationship between affiliates and merchants using adwords? Do many merchants abandon their adwords campaigns and let their affiliates try to do it more efficiently?

    Can the two coexist? I'm a little fuzzy on this one so please give me a primer.



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    There is definitely room for the two to coexist. The thing you have to define first is what you will and will not allow your Affiliates to bid on and then enforce it. Many Merchants do not want trademark bidding or extentions and others allow it. It depends what your goals are but there are trademark bidding Affiliates and ones who use longtail that don't involve your trademarks.

    Hope this helps.
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    They can totally co-exist. One of the things we consult with new clients about is how to use the affiliate channel with their existing PPC channels. As a merchant you can define how you want affiliates to promote your brand, including PPC restrictions, Social Media promotions and a good deal of other variables.
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