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    Happy Birthday Chris Thompson
    He doesn't have his birthday listed on his ABW profile but Chris Thompson, my Senior Affiliate Manager at Greg Hoffman Consulting, is celebrating his 38th birthday today. I'm not letting him keep it low key.

    Chris is a great guy and we all need to sing to him!

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    Happy Birthday Chris!!!
    Jason Rubacky - CEO/SEO Nerd at PassTheSEO
    jason at passtheseo dot com

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    Since you really can't hear me sing and you really don't want to, I'll do it this way...

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....

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    Good lord..... I mean, Thanks guys!

    I stopped counting after I could legally rent a car at the age of 25.

    Also this year in history if you're playing along was the exact date of the Watergate break in so I always loved to hear about that every year and the "Who is Deep Throat?" until Mark Felt decided to come forward a few years ago.

    Not to be overshadowed, I came home in 1994 to find a white Ford Bronco going through LA at an extremely low rate of speed. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit".

    It definitely beats noone acknowledging it at all, so for that I am truly appreciative.


    Chris Thompson - [URL=""]Bordeaux Marketing Group[/URL]
    [URL=""]Affiliate Program Management[/URL] and [URL=""]Online Marketing Strategy[/URL]
    Check us out on our Facebook Fan Page at -

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    You have to be 25 to rent a cari n the US?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris .•*`*•♫.•*..•♥..♥.•*`*•♫.•*..•♥ `*..*

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