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    Malta for Affiliate Company - suspicious?
    Hi, I have a friend who is in the US and does poker and sports betting affiliate marketing. His company was set up in Canada, but recently Canadian Banks have been cracking down on any gaming activity and fund transfers into their banks so he is forced to move his company. His lawyer suggested Malta because it is gaming friendly and he asked me what I thought. My one concern would be if US banks looked at Malta as a gaming jurisdiction and flagged wired coming in from Malta as being suspicious. Alternatively, perhaps the justice department has some program where they also flag/review payments from Malta. His monthly revenues can be in the 10's of thousands of dollars.

    Does anyone have any thoughts and knowledge about this?


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    internet gambling is not normally discussed here. be that as it may, Malta is a viable company for registration of an operator.

    However, the rules (UIGEA) still apply.

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    Disregarding the gambling industry and focus on international money transfer..................Point is that any transfer of money in and out of the USA is likely to be recorded.
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