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    I just got my fist UK Afilliate check yesterday it was not much it was only 40 british pounds. which is about 100 canadian. the funny thing is. I just started the uk affilaite on the 20 th of june of this yr. and they paid me on they sent the cehck out on the 10th of july. does any one see some thing weird. I was an affilaiet for 20 days. to a affiliae that is have a world away and they send my check that fast. But yet a company called cj which just lives in the usa taks 3 months. Is the world going Crazy or Just me lol

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    That is weird,
    Never known a UK one to payout that quick. Its always the same, you get paid the month following the sales, only if they are approved.

    Com'on share the UK Network or Program with us all!

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