Apple Vacations has provided brand new creative for its "Last Minute Steals" promotion. Visitors to your site can now receive up to 60% off trips to Mexico or the Caribbean! Please replace the current banners with these which can be found under the Offer Banner group titled "Last Minute Steals" in your management area, or use the examples below.

Please make sure to replace the !!Your handle!! with your own unique handle.

Also, current "Last Minute Steals" banners will be deleted from our system effective tomorrow evening.

HTML Code:
<a href="!!Your Affiliate Handle!!?CTY=2&amp;CID=20865"><img src=";!!Your Affiliate Handle!!" border="0" /></a><
HTML Code:
<a href="!!Your Affiliate Handle!!?CTY=2&amp;CID=20862"><img src=";!!Your Affiliate Handle!!" border="0" /></a>
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