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    looking for collector car affiliate programs
    I am putting together a blog/website about buying, restoring, selling, and enjoying collector cars. I am having a very hard time finding anyone in the industry that has an affiliate marketing program or is even interested in affiliate marketing.
    How do I get a whole industry onboard with affiliate marketing? There are so many opportunities in this field it makes my head spin, but most merchants I talk with are unsure about it and don't see the benefits.
    Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    there's a particular super affiliate who has a lot of success in this area. Since you technically would be competing against each other, I don't know that he would want me to share who he is or what his site is, however, what I can say is that he looks at all the items related to cars (tires, custom parts, things that make the engines run better, etc) to monetize his site. Apparently there are enough affiliate programs out there with related items that he does well with it.

    Maybe do a search for items related to cars, whether collectors or not. You can go to google and search things like "tire affiliate programs", "car part affiliate programs". I haven't checked it out yet, but that may be a place to start.

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    Some good stuff there Sarah. You beat me to it - responding, that is. There are a ton of related items that can monetize a site like that. There are also books related to that topic - Amazon and Barnes and Noble come to mind. Magazines? How to videos? There is also Google's AdSense. I just did a quick search for CAR RESTORATION on Goog and see several paid adds appearing.

    If you have the material, original narrative and photographs to attract a good following of readers you should do quite well with earning some income.

    Good luck - interesting topic and niche.

    Hmmm...wonder what else might sell to car buffs?

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    e b a y

    Hard to find parts for some of these old cars, sometimes ebay will have them, along with old car manuals etc

    Also try -

    for lots of ideas, classic car dvds, classifieds, merchant at SAS -

    and so on

    Side note, I would use the term classic cars instead of collector cars, in the U.S.

    classic cars gets 165,000 - Exact matches, Global 6,120,000
    collector cars gets 3,600 - Exact matches, Global 823,000
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    it waisted
    Thank you all for the great posts.
    You have given me several great tips and ideas and I thank you.
    I had not considered the parts and tire route because I figured the commissions would be small.
    I was aiming for marketing the actual classic cars themselves and/or helping them build up their mailing list.
    Am I missing the boat thinking this way?

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