Vopium is a phone service through your existing mobile provider for calling at local call rates for international calls. Vopium WiFi is also 100% free and can avoid roaming charges when abroad.

Vopium’s vision is to make mobile communication free. We want to radically change global communication from fix line and PC to the mobile phone. Vopium was founded in 2006 by Tanveer Sharif, Imran Sadiq and Brian Sussemiehl who had previous experience with development of mobile applications. Vopium allows consumers to save up to 90% when making international calls or sending SMS from mobile phones in your home country – and this without changing your current operator or SIM-card. You pay your mobile provider for a local call and Vopium for the international call.

It only takes a few minutes to register at Vopium. Following the registration, you download the Vopium software, which takes the same time as downloading a new ring tone. Install the Vopium software, and you are ready to “reach the world for less”.

Vopium is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris.

Program Benefits:
- $6 commission for all first deposits