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    keyword Search
    I never thought I would see the results for a keyword search go over 1 Billion! I sure wouldn't want to be the last one on this search. Anyone here get a keyword listing on the first page of a keyword this high?

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    Is it the number displayed on the first page? Due to caffeine, that number has been slightly high but once you go to the first few pages, chances are the number will drop significantly, especially if the search is within a few hundred thousands.

    But even with millions of results, when I haven't reached the first 100 page, often the filter kicks in and displays the following message.

    In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 812 already displayed.
    I have a few keywords that rank well for a few millions of search result, but not over a billion. In fact, I rarely use search keyword which returns that many results.

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    What was the keyword that you were looking at?

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    The keyword search results are acting wired lately. One of my main keywords had been showing 88 million results for a long time and all of the sudden now there is 180 million results. I am great full that my rankings for that keyword are the same.

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    John1982, what you see is caffeine. Google is now offering more indexed pages than ever. As to your rankings, that means you earned it with good quality pages.

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