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    Google Voice

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    Not a chance that this boy is going to go there.
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    Google Voice has been a great tool for us. It is also handy for shocking people as you pick up the line in the middle of their vmail.

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    Glad to see its finally open to the public. It has a great feature set.

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    Just one more step in the G master plan to control the world.

    They already know 90% of everything about us from our online searches and other activities and the rest of our intimate info we have consented to let them see through G checkout*. Now they can listen in and record our phone calls, just like the government.

    Or is that one-in-the-same?
    *I have long thought that it is incredible that virtually NO ONE thinks that this provision in the g checkout TOS is disgusting, ludicrous, obscene, unnecessary, and a total deal killer: "You also authorize us to obtain from time to time a credit report and/or to otherwise make credit or other background inquiries as we deem appropriate to evaluate your registration for or continued use of the Service"

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    Ahhh, but it's not available to users outside the US yet. I hope it will be soon as I really would like to try it too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AffiliateHound View Post
    Or is that one-in-the-same?
    It might as well be.

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    I use it occasionally for certain projects and love it!
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    Smile i really really love google voice
    Google voice is a very nice and great tools for me.

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    Just one more step in the G master plan to control the world.
    So true!

    But as someone said, "what goes up eventually comes down".


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