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    Why aren't my AdWords ads running?
    Hi all,

    the day before yesterday one of my indian friends asked me to do adwords service for their new project and then sent me some documents about their project and then paid me to my paypal account.

    I perused his documents and then yesterday morning I started to create campaigns,ad groups,find keywords,and write ad copies.

    Everything is ok.The quality score is 7 and a few is 6.The ads are running all day long.I got many impressions and clicks.

    This morning I check the statistics and optimized a few ads but later I found the ads stopped running.Beside each keyword,the google prompt is: none of your ads is running.Please contact us for support.I then filled the form and confirmed.

    But till now,after 12 hours almost,I still have not received any response.

    Why is this? How can I change this situation as soon as possible?

    any quick methods beside waiting?

    Thank you for all answers.

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    Did it specify the actual reason. Usually they will do that like.

    i.e. Display URL does not match Landing URL

    They have people who manually check that in most instances.

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    Now the ads are running again,no any response.

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