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    Negative Feedback - Ugh!
    Hi. I'm relatively new to ShareASale and just received negative feedback over something that was a misunderstanding. The merchant, up to now, refuses to even have a discussion with me about it.

    At first I didn't even know that this Feedback existed and went a couple of months not knowing I even had any feedback until some negative feedback came along.

    So what I don't understand it who can see this and what they can see.

    Thanks for any help to understand how this work.

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    You can respond to the feedback, read here:

    Other merchants can see your feedback and use it to decide whether or not to work with you.

    If the feedback from the merchant is not accurate, you could also file a help ticket with SAS. If you are right, you are right.

    If the feedback from the merchant is accurate, it won't help you very much to deny it, as proof may be shown that could make things worse. If you are wrong, take your lumps.

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